A Wardrobe edit offers life long dressing skills 

This is where we look at your personal dressing style, buying patterns and actual wardrobe/s layout before sorting out garments that do, or no longer suit you. Here you will learn how to wear the clothes you already own, what colours and styles suit your body form best and why. With all items organised any gaps in the collection will become clear and you will know if to continue with a guided shopping session

‘It was wonderful waking up in the morning having choice, moreover, I now have my own look and got so many positive remarks in the office, like they ‘saw ‘ me for the first time. Thank you Danit for helping me move forward.’
— Lisa, Edinburgh
“With Danit effectively de-cluttering my wardrobe the focus was back on what I wanted to achieve. Shortly afterwards I got the promotion.”
— E.L, B.P. Aberdeen