about Danit and her way of helping you use clothes with confidence


Hello, my name is Danit A. Levi, I am an image mentor and fashion stylist based in Edinburgh with a national and international client reach. My personal approach to dressing is key to my services which are tailored to each client’s needs, helping them shine from the inside out.

With honesty and direct manner the work empowers and encourages the individual to explore, experiment and learn about the clothes that suit them best. The primary focus is on personality and lifestyle, only then on latest fashion trends. As a result people are provided not only with a coherent, up-to-date clothing collection but gain life-long dressing skills, a real sense of their own personal image and a framework to apply on their own in the future

I started my work in Israel, where I quickly found that my degree in educational psychology teamed with a flair for design and a critical eye for fashion provided the perfect platform to help people find and develop their own image. My BodyGlory® personal style concept was developed while living and working in New York, Chicago and continental Europe. I set up DressYourWay style consultancy in Scotland in 2000, a time when the notion of a personal image stylist was something of a rarity.

BodyGlory® - A holistic approach to dressing the female form was published in 2011.