DressYourWay to BodyGlory® 

“I thought it is a really innovative idea... “Janey Lee Grace, BBC Radio 2
”loved the positive flower metaphor...” Adriana Trigiani, writer
“Dear Danit, I am still a Lily...” Natasha Devon MBE, The Self-esteem Team

My Body Glory® approach looks at body-image in quite a different way from anything else on the market at present. I believe that the conventional terminology associated with body descriptions such as triangle, boyish and pear shaped are negative, unhelpful and at times even destructive to the development of a confident individual. The subject is intricate and it is most always rooted in ones upbringing circumstance and deeper psychological state of mind. That is why there is no defined way forward as yet to eliminate the negative labyrinth of body-image successfully. In the past five years since introducing the BodyGlory® concept, it has proven to be a simple yet powerful tool to help girls and women affirm confidence in their appearance and quickly translate a look into a choice of tailoring to achieve an empowered and lasting signature style. This method was very successful in the 'DressForNow©' sessions I designed for the Teenage Cancer Trust; a joint project first of its kind in Scotland and the UK aimed at helping young adults deal with the issues surrounding body-image and self-confidence, seen on BBC1.  Celebrate your form with a BodyGlory® 'Style on the go' mug. 

'Style on the go' mugs