In the words of the clients

“Thanks again for today Danit, shopping with you is a blissful indulgence!“
— Louise, Edinburgh
It’s like she has a way into the bit of ourselves we want to show but do not know how, so she reaches inside and pulls that part out. It then become effortless and you are left wondering how come you couldn’t do it before...”
— L.M, Lausanne, Switzerland
It is absolutely great to see what you have done for Marie! Gosh – she looked so great with her new hairstyle and that blouse, I was with her for ages early evening just before Kristine popped in to see her for the first time too. She showed off all the clothes – fab!
— A.H, Copenhagen
“I have walked that carpet before but not so confidently as I did last night in the dress you chose for me. Thank you so much for making my red carpet debut such a success, I could not have done it without you.”
— A.M. London
“As a therapist, first impressions are very important especially with vulnerable clients. The look I have now feels right, professional and suitable for meeting clients for the first time.”
— B.G Psychotherapist, Chicago IL
“Shopping with Danit was a fantastic experience. Being a new mum it was such a treat to have some me-time and it was great to have someone unbiased giving me advice. I ended up with a totally new look and I’d recommend it to anyone.”
— Katherine Malcolm, Glasgow
Until I met you I did not know how to dress, not having much money as a younger person It felt strange to suddenly have the ability to spend. You taught me how to shop, I still use my style file 3 years on and enjoy the fact that I can now choose for myself.“
— Jacqui C, Edinburgh
“This was a fantastic experience - Danit introduced me to clothes and colours I wouldn’t have chosen myself, as a result I will now introduce colour to my wardrobe. The whole experience has given me confidence to ‘dress my way’ and recognise that my style is as individual as I am.”
— M. Duncan, Exxon Mobil, Aberdeen
“Danit has an excellent eye for colour and cut and she also has a great ability to mix and match across design ranges so that the wardrobe you end up with is not a ‘brand’ look. You really feel like an individual. She also uses accessories to great effect and has many tricks for the finer details like coping with sleeves that are a bit on the long side, or tying bows elegantly. DressYourWay is like going shopping with a friend who has known you for years. Someone who really understands you – which is an amazing achievement!”
— Patricia Macleod, Midas Multimedia Ltd, Aberdeen
“Danit really takes the stress out of shopping and dressing! She saved me so much time and hassle but more than that she gave me the confidence to try new things and was candid when something didn’t work. The result of these few intense but extremely enjoyable hours was a whole new look with clothes and accessories that work well together. I was delighted with my final purchases and I would highly recommend the whole experience!”
— C. Mennie, Aberdeen