The festive season - What to wear to the office, and other parties…


When choosing what to wear for any occasion it would be wise to consider the host, setting, and make sure the finished effect reflects your consistent personal-style.  Moreover, not every party calls for a spectacular outfit so brush up on your dress-code definitions and make sure you have a few key pieces in your ‘arsenal’ to creatively transform a look and create the desired, and perceived effortless signature effect. 



I am all in favour of wearing an outfit more than once, but when it comes to velvet, red and sequins be mindful of your statement. These looks stand out so consider the setting carefully before reusing.  If you decide to wear sequins opt for good craftsmanship. Check at the seams and make sure the finished garment does not appear tacky. If you are not keen on glitter, opt for brocade or lace and sign the look off with striking shoes. 

Here are a few non shimmered seasonal bests that will prove timeless and worth investing in:

Tuxedo suit - cream, blue velvet or jacquard effect, capri or full length, it can be worn with a bustier top, silk blouse or without, using the jacket as a deep drop V top. This statement is sexy, sharp and timeless.

Palazzo trousers - these are exaggerated wide leg trousers; the fabric quality is key to the success of a luxe and elegant result. Wear it very high waisted teamed with a halter-neck or sheer silk blouse and a statement shoe.  


Leather - A short fitted dress or leather culottes will make a strong, individual style statement. Unless you are in a creative industry, do not wear it to the office party. 

Evening shorts - I concede that it is not for everyone but I believe that at any age, if you have the legs show them!!   Most of you will know if you have ‘good legs’ but if you are not sure, do ask your stylist. As long as you utilise good taste in the choice of garments i.e. not too short or revealing, you can pull it off, but again; not to the office party! 

As always, DressYourWay, Danit.

Cooler Days

It is safe to say that this fall everything goes! This season’s feel is all nostalgic and retro. Midi skirts, large florals, fishnets, edwardian collars, velvet gowns, statement fur hats and sparkly boots. It has also opened the door to relaxed suiting, wide, over defined shoulders and deconstructed garments, allowing a wide range of creative design to free one’s imagination.

So go ahead, get yourself a statement red, mix textures, shapes and styles and yes, try brown… you might surprise yourself by liking it…   As always DressYourWay, Danit


Summer White

Be it a few garments or a complete seasonal capsule, here is what to consider when introducing white to your collection:

This year in particular, white has had a revival as a key shade. It will be wise to consider the investment in timeless garments such as leather, suits, quality dresses and jeans, silk or soft cotton knits and uniquely designed white shirts.

Head to toe white is a highly stylish and lasting statement. For an even richer effect mix white with other neutral shades and off-set the look with an accessory colour injection. 

A white shirt is a key wardrobe basic and a lasting classic. Short & fitted or a longer tunic cut, let your choice reflect your form and personal lifestyle.

Regardless of how transitional the trend is, a white suit in the office can imply superiority. Consider this effect and judge accordingly, You can always opt for softer hues of champagne, mocha or blush instead. 

White shoes often distract from the outfit and will attract attention to your feet instead of your face. In my professional opinion, avoid them completely in the office.

As always, DressYourWay,