Autumn Leaves

This season we see the return of the black suit in a more relaxed yet impeccable tailoring style for both him and her. This, alongside other trends including leopard, snake and all kind of animal print, all-white ensembles, split trousers, the oversized trench coat, denim suits, long duffles and the chunky ‘working’ black boot worn as evening-wear.

Colours - All shades of purple, orange, pistachio, black, vanilla & other winter white hues.

Suits - A central player is this timeless trend, especially in black, more loosely styled or oversized, anything goes! When it comes to choosing a lasting statement-suit this season just focus on your own signature and lifestyle and make sure you invest well.

Leather, Velvet, Plaid & Fur - Correctly styled these are never really out of fashion. Feel free to mix fabrics and have fun with it. Rules don’t really apply apart from your own style preference limitation. Invest cleverly in timeless garments such as a leather coat to use as a luxurious addition to your casual collection.

Layering  - Structured and loose, hard and soft, be creative and have fun!

Shoes & Bags  - Chunky boots, brogues and loafers alongside statement scarves, embellished fabrics and luxe finish.