Holiday Capsule

Whether you holiday regularly or just take the odd weekend away in the sun, the way to create a desired and notable look is by focusing on the garments that compliment your personality and dressing preferences best. with that in mind, the choice of what to take with you becomes clear and the packing a lot more effective. 

Capsule packing for holiday has never been easier. The selection is wide and can meet all budgets, itinerary, length of stay and formality of the trip. From basic light weight garments to the abundance return of the tailored suit in silk mix and linen, these garments will help to transfer you swiftly from the poolside to dinner. 

Quick tip: try not to pack for all eventualities unless your time away include formal events or if you are off to a remote location. Leave room in the case for a wearable memory or two you buy at the holiday destination, it will make the experience last a lot longer in your mind on your return.

  • Periwinkle blue, coral & sage

  • Signature eyewear

  • White or light shade blazer

  • Coloured loafers

  • Something tailored

  • Light-wash denim

  • Sling bags

  • Vintage leather

  • Mismatched prints

  • Cropped trousers and shorts

  • Silk neck scarf - if it is “you”


The summer season is packed rich with new and ‘recycled’ styles. These looks offer even the most unassuming and modest, the opportunity to dream while looking chic and current. I, as a known japanofile, particularly enjoyed seeing the strong influence of japanese design on the various runways. 

This time of year is a time to let your hair down and have some for fun. If however you find change difficult, start small. There is no point in spending money on garments you will never wear just because the industry urges you to do so.  Keep your lifestyle in mind and only when you feel ready, take a little step to experiment with a new design or shade. Done correctly, these additions can transform your personal-style and add confidence to your dressing process. It might even awaken a whole new you….  

Some  ideas to look for are:

Monochroms - Is the rich and sophisticated way of wearing all one colour but using all its different hues. 

Checks, florals & Stripes; not much new but try on jackets rather than shirts and opt for wider, block colour patterns for a more creative message.

Denim, white, sage, lavender and all shades of yellow are key seasonal shades. 

The Parka and other technical jackets, worn dressy or casual, is an all year round useful garment for the uk

Side stripe and wide-fit trousers - Only if and when you are ready, as these will make a very artistic statement.

Man bag - bum, waist, one-strap, back or satchel, invest in a long-lasting one that will reflect your personal-style.