THE CAPSULE - the art of coordinated dressing

Business conference or destination wedding; The Capsule is the perfect solution if you are constantly on the go or when you need to get organised. It consists of a limited number of coordinated outfits to serve you for a set time or engagement. With your itinerary at hand, I will choose the appropriate attire and pack your case in accordance with occasion and location. This service can be taken on as an on-going concierge service or a one-off mentoring session.

Pre booking essential

“I thought shopping was efficient but then she came and packed my new outfits for me, shoes and all.. I couldn’t believe it, it they all fitted in one suitcase and my husband was so pleased to see my new look.”
— L. Donnal, Willmett IL
I highly recommend it. If you are anything like me, K.L one week Spain the next, you would think it will be easy to know what to pack... wrong!
Danit helped me focus on what clothes I liked best but at the same time chose the more appropriate ones so I will not forget my business aim.
Gary H. Scotland