Welcome to DressYourWay. My name is Danit and I am a personal-image mentor, stylist and the founder of DressYourWay style consultancy - a bespoke personal image service. For the past thirty years I have mentored men women and teens, guiding them through the, often confusing, fashion labyrinth and self discovery journey towards a more positive and confident body-image and presentation. If you find it difficult to create / express a chosen, desired image, I will be happy to help you get your dressing poise back. 

The process is very simple; it starts with a free consultation; a time designed to listen to your dress aims, address style aspirations or body concerns you might have and form the basis to our ongoing styling relationship. For a single session or as one of many successful long term DressYourWay© clients, I am looking forward to getting to know you, creating your lasting signature style & making your dress dreams a reality.

Media Profile

A freelance stylist, educational psychologist and personal image mentor, Danit started her work in Israel, when bell-bottoms and leg warmers where first introduced. She quickly found that her degree in psychology teamed with her flair for design and her critical eye for fashion, provided the perfect platform to help people find and develop an individual, lasting stylish image.

Danit lived and worked in New York, Chicago and continental Europe where she developed her personal style concept. In winter 2000 she settled with her family in Scotland and set up DressYourWay style consultancy. At that time, the notion of a personal stylist was something of a rarity, as only a handful of image consultants were active in Scotland so she was uniquely positioned to build up a significant client base, .

At the heart of her business is the individual. She is equally at home dressing a talented actor for an awards ceremony as she is with a young business entrepreneur, or a stay-at-home mum. She prides herself on her personal approach to dressing, tailored to each client’s needs, one that helps them feel good about themselves from the inside out. She will always start the style consultation with an informal one-to-one conversation, invests time in getting to know the person and the image they wish to project.  

Her honesty and direct manner empowers her clients, fills them with confidence, encourages them to explore, experiment and learn about the clothes that suit them best. The primary focus is on personality and lifestyle and only then on latest fashion trends. As a result, she provides the client not only with a coherent and up-to-date clothing collection but life-long dressing skills, a real sense of an individual stylish image and a framework they can apply on their own in the future. The results are startling. 

Danit works with clients of all ages and at different stages in their lives; be it teens or students on a limited budget or a travel capsule for executives with busy diaries. She regularly styles actors, musicians and other media personalities and has clients not only in Scotland but also across the UK, Europe, Israel, New Zealand and the United States, to whom she provides ongoing remote and personal style support to help them develop and maintain a consistent and lasting personal signature style.

Danit is a public speaker, fashion writer and the creator and author of BodyGlory®, a new and holistic approach to dressing the female form, published in 2011.