Style Evenings

As a fashion writer and keynote speaker I am often invited to host / address topics such as corporate dress-codes, body-language, image & confidence and my BodyGlory® approach to dressing, at various charity, media and company lead events. On occasion these evenings include themed, specifically tailored, fashion shows, for which I collaborate and source outfits from companies such as Harvey Nichols, John Lewis and various exclusive boutiques. Pre booking is essential

“ We received really great feedback from the night. On your presentation, the clothes exhibited and personal advice you gave to our clients. In fact, our de-brief meetings are usually taken up with numbers attended, wine consumed, money spent etc. whereas I have just come out of a meeting that was taken up with what new clothes people have to buy, what they are wearing what they should not and how they are all very excited about what clothes they should wear to make them more professional.”
— S. Vincent, Langleys Solicitors, York