Summer White

For summer 2018 you will be wise to invest in white, whether you are in a hot or cooler climate. Wearing white is chic, elegant fresh and as timeless as black. However, if you decide to go for it please pay attention to the following:


Make sure your white is crisp, ironed and well fitted.

Invest in a linen mixed fabric for a suit as it always creases less.

Soft tie designs are better on white than bright contrasting ones. 

A complete white suit should only be worn at outdoor settings and not to the city office. It is a fashion statement so choose wisely to fit your shape and the occasion. 

A white waistcoat, blazer or short thin jacket is a great casual option to be worn with grey, faded blue, or white denim. 

Opt for a soft stripe rather then a plain white suit fabric to project luxury.

Always team white with soft florals and cream shades rather then a dark coloured shirt. 

Short-sleeve white shirts should be kept away from the office.

Avoid logo T- shirts for the office at all times and keep this option as a holiday one only.

Never team black shoes with a white suit and keep the relaxed loafer for a linen suit. 

Have fun with it and as always, DressYourWay. Danit