Summer White

White jeans and a casual, light shade or patterned blazer are a summer wardrobe staple in the continent why not give it a try? If you decide to go for it, wear white or pale grey jeans with light or dark shaded suede loafers or soft grey leather brogues.

Make sure your white is crisp, ironed and well fitted unless it is a linen shirt. Linen should be worn loose and to iron it will not have a lasting effect so wear it casually.

The black suit white shirt code can be overpowering if your job description or office setting does not call for it. Team a white shirt with a natural colour suit to maintain a professional appearance, this is a more relaxed, yet powerful image which allows you to use or loose the tie.

For a trendy holiday look, chose a crew-neck T-shirt under a white open knit cotton or broad silk weave jumper and team it with a mint, berry, yellow or soft grey fitted chino. 

Avoid white T-shirts to the office at all times.

As always, DressYourWay,