Summer White

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For summer 2018 you will be wise to invest in white, whether you are in a hot or cooler climate. Wearing white is chic, elegant fresh and as timeless as black. However, if you decide to go for it please pay attention to the following:

A classic white blouse is a key basic all year round not just for summer. Short and fitted or a longer tunic cut, worn with a trouser suit or a pair of jeans, it will refresh your collection. Styles and fabrics vary, so let your choice reflect your shape and lifestyle. Take a look at Anne Fontaine's collection for ideas;

Avoid sheer and see-through whites for work at all cost but do wear them away from the office. When you do, remember to always wear nude and NOT white lingerie under white.

Add colourful pumps to skinny white jeans and soft shade heels to white dresses 

Replace the LBD by a statement LWD, the shops are full of options at the moment.

If you feel that white washes you out don't wear it. Replace with soft champagne or a very faint blue to complement your skin-tone.

A white shirt worn with embroidered or colourful bras are, for some, a fashion statement. However, when wearing it to the office or with a white T-shirt it can look a little too 'casual' so consider the occasion.

A white suit in the office can imply superiority to your colleagues and might place you apart from them. Consider this effect and judge accordingly. You might want to wear a white waistcoat with the suit in stone or soft shades of cream instead. 

Wearing white shoes will attract attention to your feet. Choose the style carefully and establish which one will emphasize the finished effect you are looking for. Often, a floral or two-tone design will soften the effect but remember to select a matching handbag. 

Have fun with it and as always, DressYourWay, Danit